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The Weirdest CBD Products

1-CBD Toilet Paper

This was my absolute favorite, a weirdness at first sight. However, I nearly scratched it off the list when I learned more about it. Namely, it is not a CBD product that aims to provide health benefits, but a more environmentally sustainable way of producing toilet paper.

Because hemp fibers are biodegradable, renewable, and economical, they provide an eco-friendly alternative to tissues made from trees. Not to mention the positive impact this line of production could have on saving forests.

Though the product is not really meant to do any medical wonders with its CBD ingredient, it is definitely purposeful and innovative, so I decided to keep it on the list.

2-CBD Suppositories 

Also known as “weed tampons”, CBD suppositories might sound like a good idea, especially when we know that vaginal and rectal areas are highly absorbent due to the thick network of blood vessels. The companies that produce them claim they can help with any type of pelvic pain, vaginal dryness, and fungal infections. At the same time, many predict bright future for CBD suppositories, and expect them to be “the next big thing”. However, some scientists have their portion of doubt: “There still needs to be formal testing done to confirm safety, side effects and adequate dosing,” said gynecologist Dr. Farid Abdel Hadi for Global News.

The bottom line is that you should always consult your gynecologist or urologist before applying anything in that sensitive area, especially if you are pregnant or on any other med


3-CBD Toothpaste

While CBD’s anti-inflammatory and protective properties could have a significant role in oral care, many still wonder whether we really need a CBD toothpaste.

Just like with the suppositories, it sounds like a good idea, but there is no scientific evidence behind it. Nor are we sure it is really a better option than applying this precious cannabinoid as oil, by rubbing it directly onto gums. Meanwhile, our third CBD weirdo found its way to the market, promising improved teeth enamel, healthier gums, brighter teeth, and cavity reduction.

It might be worth a try if you’re experiencing oral health issues, but be sure to consult your dentist first.

4-CBD Toothpicks


If we look at our next item, it will be clear that the oral care industry is determined to join the contemporary CBD hype. 

If we doubt the need for a CBD toothpaste, what can we say about toothpicks? They are small, portable, and discreet. All you have to do is suck or chew them for as long as the manufacturer recommends, thus absorbing the oil they were dipped in. In short, cute little CBD misfits.

5-CBD Bath Bomb 

If this list were a competition, the CBD Bath Bomb would win in the category for the most beautiful design. Its floral arrangement is reminiscent of the Woodstock era and simply spells relaxing enjoyment all over the product.

I’m not so sure about the chemistry of it all, but combining CBD and warm water doesn’t seem harmful. It is said to relax the muscles, reduce pain, and nourish the skin. If you had a bad day at work, perhaps this CBD bomb could actually help.

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